Pastor’s Message

A Message from the Pastor…


Albert Einstein is quoted as saying in response to quantum physics’ uncertainty that he didn’t believe God played dice with the universe. Einstein was correct. God doesn’t play dice with the universe. On the other hand, God allows the universe to play dice!

God divinely imbued autonomy at all levels of nature from earth to humanity. This provides the potential for both humanity and nature to follow paths that are less than beneficial. In other words, God has granted human free will and the laws of nature (biology, chemistry, physics) a great deal of leeway. Therefore, God allows events to occur that God doesn’t want to occur. With this comes the latent possibility for undeserved and unexpected natural disasters, tragedies and evil to enter our lives.

At God’s option, human beings and nature are allowed by God to run their own course. This means that we and the laws of nature have a major role to play in the drama of life. According to the Bible, only when humanity or the laws of nature get way off course does God manifestly step in and redirect the flow. So is the history of humanity!

MIT trained scientist and Orthodox Jewish Bible scholar, Dr. Gerald Shroeder, in his book God According to God writes, “Tortuous though the trend may be, God has a plan for the world. The microengineering of that plan is largely up to us. There is a flow from pagan barbarity to the elusive goal of peace on earth, goodwill to all. Each of us as individuals, chooses whether to enhance or impede that flow toward the divine goal.”

It’s true that much of what happens in our world is evil and contrary to God’s perfect or intentional will. However, let us not forget that in Jesus Christ all things will ultimately be made new; and all creation yearns for future consummation in the Kingdom of God (Romans 8:21, 22; Revelation 21:1).

Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!