Pastor’s Message

The Backslider’s Calendar

It has been said, “As Methodists we not only believe in backsliding, we practice it.” God forbid this is the case! But you be your own judge. I share with you now with a chuckle “The Backslider’s Calendar.”


January: I hereby resolve to make a go of it this time, but I’ll wait a few weeks. I’m “up to here” from Holiday festivities. After a couple of weeks rest I’ll probably feel like going to church again–maybe about the firstof February.


February: Weather is terrible. I’ll start when it warms up a bit. My blood is so thin this time of year.


March: Lots of sickness just now. Got to keep away from those bugs. People can’t afford to take a chance. Stuff is flying around everywhere.


April: Easter…Big crowds…You can’t get a decent seat; anyhow they won’t miss me. It would look strange if I showed up just for Easter.


May: I’ve been pretty holed up all winter and now that the weather is getting pretty, it’s time to hold a family reunion.


June: I’ll wait until the baby is older. How on earth do some folks bring their babies at 4 weeks of age, and then never miss a Sunday at worship?


July: Boy! Is the heat terrific! And the AC isn’t worth a darn in the sanctuary. I’d probably worship God better in a cabin off the lake or out in the woods.


August: The preacher is on vacation. He’ll never know if I miss. Never liked guest preachers anyhow. But when the preacher gets back…


September: School has started. Vacation threw me behind in my work. Gotta make one last visit with relatives before the snow flies.


October: Leaves are so beautiful now. I can worship God
outdoors anyhow…


November: My heart is bursting with gratitude and thanksgiving–the Christmas season will be a wonderful time to start back.


December: What a madhouse! Right after this is over, my family and I will start back the first Sunday in January.