Adult Group Studies

Sunday School

Sunday School begins at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays. There are several groups to choose from. Joining a study group on Sunday mornings is a great way to learn and grow in Christ, and it is a great opportunity to fellowship with others with similar interests.

Current Adult Sunday School Classes

10:00-10:45am in the Hospitality Room– Encountering Christ lead by Pastor Errol Archerson featuring the Gospel of John

10:10-10:45am in the  Adult III Classroom–  10:10 lead by Michael Armstrong featuring the Gospel of Luke

10:00-10:45am in the Fellowship Hall– Pathfinders lead by Leslie Smith using Cokesbury Quarterly Curriculum.

Wednesday Morning Women’s Study Group

Every Wednesday Morning at 10:00 a dynamic group of ladies meets at LUMC.  All women are welcome to come and share a morning of study and fellowship.

Wednesday Night Alive!

All studies began on September 12

Congregational Prayer in the Sanctuary begins at 5:30pm. Dinner is served at 5:45pm in the Simpson Center. Then, Bible Study Groups begin at 6:30pm.  Below is a description of the current studies:

Holiness for Ordinary People (for women only)

Leader: Vanna Armstrong (12 week study)

Holiness is not a special category, reserved only for a few select Christians. God intends for every Christian to live a holy life. In this women only group, we will explore how every Christian can live a Christ-like life. In addition, we will focus on community, relationship, encouragement, and prayer. We will share testimonies and celebrate what God is doing/has done in each other’s lives.

 Journey Through The Psalms

Leader: Michael Freeman (7 week study)

Reclaim the psalms for true worship, as well as prayer, as you learn how to approach God with the emotional intensity of the ancient psalmists. Denise Dombkowski Hopkins combines the insights of scholarship on the Psalms with artwork, liturgy, song, and poetry, to give us a new way to use the Psalms in our life of faith together, to empower our corporate identity and revitalize our worship. She examines how the Psalms formed the worship of ancient synagogues and earliest churches and how they can do the same for our churches today. Reflective questions bring worship leaders and individuals alike to a new awareness of the power of the Psalms to enrich public worship and private devotions with an honesty that does not turn away from the realities of suffering and anger.

 Take the Flag – Following God’s Signals in the Race of Your Life

Leader: David Dennis (7 week study for men only)

The spiritual life is often compared to a race. Pastor Rob Fuquay sees a parallel between the flags used in A1:AG5 racing and the signals God sends us in our fast-paced lives. The purpose of Take the Flag is not to turn readers into race fans but to help them become stronger disciples of Jesus Christ by paying attention to the signals God gives us each day. In this Bible-based, 7-week series, Fuquay uses the flags from auto racing as a way to discuss different aspects of our life of faith: This book will captivate your entire congregation and engage them in an exciting adventure of spiritual growth.